Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is a typical class at Fitness Bootcamp?

A.No training day at Fitness Bootcamp is ever the same. We like to change up your workout which prevents boredom and maximizes your workout goals and results. You can expect stretching, jogging, obstacle courses, circuit training, strength training, plyometric training, core work, agility movements to name but a few. A lot of sweat but a fun environment that will get you results.

Q.What kind of results can we expect from fitness Boot Camp?

A.You will experience a range of healthy benefits such as weight loss, lowers stress level, reduction in body fat, increase in stamina, abundance of confidence, and many more.

Q.What kind of people go to a Fitness Bootcamp?

A.Fitness Bootcamp is designed for all fitness levels, all different shapes and sizes and all ages. You do not have to be an athlete or physically fit to start. We will constantly monitor you throughout your time with us. Most people who attend have started out as a complete beginner.

Q. When will I start seeing results?

A.If you follow the program with maximum effort, you can expect to see amazing results, such as weight loss, loss of inches from head to toe, decrease in clothes size, reduction in body fat, increase in strength, stamina, better sleep, and a faster metabolism. There is no magic potion but those who stick to it will start seeing results within 1 month.

Q.Where are the fitness workout held at?

A.We hold the workouts at different places, the place changes everyday. For that everyone is told the place before the workout day. And even after that if someone has any queries that person can contact at +91 9169400422.

Q.Should I talk to a doctor before joining a Bootcamp?

A.Each member is required to complete a health waiver form on signing up. Should you have any particular illness or disabilities, please inform the instructor before any session

Q.Can I try it out first?

A.Like most other courses of this nature, it is essential that all members taking part, pay in full prior to the commencement of any session, so if you have questions at all about the training, please feel free to ask Bootcamp by either email or phone. We sometimes hold open days where people can come along and join in for free. So keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for these days.